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Paisupaak Flexcon Solar 18



/ tk (88.19 km-ga)
Saadavus: Tellitav

Flexcon Solar 8-80 l (8 bar)
Päikeseküttega paigaldiste paisupaagid. Sobib glükoolipõhise külmumisvastase aine lisamiseks kontsentratsioonis kuni 50%. Kooskõlas rõhuseadmete direktiiviga 2014/68/EU.

Täitematerjal on gaasiline lämmastik, mis säilitab kauem eelrõhku.
Sobib glükoolipõhise külmumisvastase aine lisamiseks kontsentratsioonis kuni 50%.
Süvistatud tsinkkattega terasest vedrurõngas.
Valge (RAL 9010) epoksüüdpulberkate.

Expansion vessels specially designed for solar powered installations (acc. to EN12828). The best expansion vessels thanks to our groundbreaking technology. Diaphragm: butyl rubber. Extremely low permeability of the diaphragm ensures that pre-charge pressure is maintained for a long time. The flexible diaphragms with rolling action are preformed and, in contrast to a bag type bladder, prevent stretching so that their properties are preserved over the long term. The unique clench ring construction clamps the diaphragm between the two vessel halves. This not only ensures a perfect seal but also prevents mechanical damage of the diaphragm during use (load distribution over the entire clamping area and not at 1 suspension point). The gas side is filled with nitrogen, and not with air, so that corrosion is prevented and the pressure loss is even more limited. The ribbed profile on the diaphragm prevents it from sticking to the inside wall of the vessel and ensures inflow of expansion water at the slightest increase in pressure. Uncoated water connection thread ensures easy and water tight installation. Top quality steel and diaphragms. Finished with a gleaming epoxy-powder coating. Each vessel is factory tested. Expansion vessels 8 - 80 litres: - The two halves of the vessel are coated prior to assembly, not afterwards. Therefore there is no risk of corrosion on the clamp ring. - The nitrogen air valve is countersunk on the vessel to protect it from damage, it is in turn further protected by a plastic cover plate.


Tootja tootekood 16062
EAN kood 8712874160620
Toote nimetus RV SOLAR PAISUPAAK 18L


Maht (L) 18.0000

Toote mõõdud

Ühik tk
Toote kõrgus 323.0000
Toote laius 297.0000
Netokaal (kg) 34.2000
Brutokaal (kg) 36.3000

Pakendi mõõdud

Pakendi kõrgus (cm) 323.0000
Pakendi laius (cm) 1200.0000
Pakendi sügavus (cm) 800.0000


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