Muhvtoru PP HTEM DN50x2000



/ tk (4.72 km-ga)
Saadavus: Ladustatav
HTplus - It is a unique, complete system of pipes and fittings for internal sewage systems.It is exceptional thanks to an improved formula that combines polypropylene and natural mineral components, which results in a considerable reduction of noise emission (even to 21 dB) and in very high resistance to aggressive chemical agents and high-temperature of sewage.Centimetre scale printed directly on pipes is a unique and patented solution that ensures efficient and precise assembly of pipelines. Class B


Tootja tootekood 10260
EAN kood 4052836120601
Toote nimetus RV PP M TORU 50x2000 B


Materjal polüpropüleen
Läbimõõt 50.0000
Pikkus (m) 2.0000

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Ühik tk
Netokaal (kg) 0.6800

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